When and how to ask feed-back to customers

The right time and channel to request the feed-back to customers, depends on the specifics of each business, but there are some rules. The Important thing is that at any step of the client in interaction with the brand, the company knows what the customer’s perception is. A chronological vision of the process of purchase Read more about When and how to ask feed-back to customers[…]

How do you measure your client's experience?

Whether you have a start-up or a multinational business, to measure customer experience is paramount if you want to have loyal customers and a long-term business strategy. Net Promoter Score (NPS) NPS is the most popular indicator for evaluating customer experience. It's also the simplest. The NPS is measured by asking the question: "How willing Read more about How do you measure your client's experience?[…]

What are customer complaints good for?

Bill Gates said, "Your most unhappy clients are the greatest source of learning." Customer may transmit a requested or unsolicited feed-back about a brand or products, its services through several methods, the important thing is to give them obedience. Customer complaints are the most relevant source of "pain" of the system, which can be translated Read more about What are customer complaints good for?[…]