What is CX?

Have you heard the clients saying they had a pleasant or unpleasant experience with a particular brand or service? Have you clearly understood what the customers are referring to? I invite you to explore this basic topic in CX.

If we look at the concept as being related to "use" or "practice", then refer to "experience" at the contact points between a customer and a business (Internet, social networks, physical stores, employees, contact center and so on). It can be assumed that the more a customer uses a product or service, the more its experience is richer with the product or brand, respectively, with the supplier (manufacturer and distributor). However, if we look at the concept of "experience" as being linked to the term "consumer habit", then its meaning can be confused with the degree of fulfillment of the customer's expectations from a particularly emotional standpoint.

Literature is rich in definitions of experience and emotion terms. Actually, the two are interconnected. Let's think we called the contact center of an institution and after waiting 10 minutes on the wire, the person on the other end of the wire has a tone of unfriendly voice. Instant our emotional state changes, we become irritant and dissatisfied. The next time we call the same contact center we will have in mind the previous experience and ever since the phone rang, it installs a negative state that can be seen by the tone of voice that we have from the beginning.

Experience is the perception of clients on the feel: what he sees, hears, senses, smells the customer when he comes into contact with a product or service. Not incidentally near the bakery shops smells the fresher of freshly removed pies from the oven, and in cosmetic stores smells of perfume 50 meters before you get in front of them. The first impression counts very much in the future relationship that the customer will have with the brand. Capturing customer interest from the beginning in a pleasant way, giving value individually to each customer. A bank does not only end credit agreements or deposit with customers, a bank helps customers to purchase a home or a car, they keep safe and increase customer's money. That's the real value!

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